Archimedes Plutonium

This is a copy of the now-deleted Wikipedia article on Archimedes Plutonium, a known USENET celebrity and crackpot extraordinaire

Archimedes Plutonium (born July 5, 1950), also known as Ludwig Plutonium, wrote extensively about science and mathematics on Usenet. In 1990 he became convinced that the universe could be thought of as an atom of plutonium, and changed his name to reflect this idea. He is notable for his offbeat theories about Plutonium Atom Totality, fusion and superconductivity experiments, and nonstandard infinite arithmetic. <ref> Joseph C. Scott. "Sometime-scientist Plutonium says science is 'gobbledygook'", The Dartmouth, September 25, 1997.</ref> <ref>Jennifer Kahn. "Notes from Another Universe", Discover, April 2002.</ref>

Biographical Sketch

Plutonium was born under the name Ludwig Poehlmann in Arzberg, Germany. His family moved to the United States and settled near Cincinnati, Ohio, where Plutonium was adopted into the Hansen family and brought up under the name Ludwig Hansen. Plutonium has a BA in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati and taught High School in Melbourne Australia. He returned to the US in the mid 1970s and went on to Utah State University for a Masters degree. Under the name Ludwig Plutonium, he began posting to usenet in 1993, and his prolific posts quickly made him a well known usenet figure.


Plutonium is the author of over 20,000 unique postings to dozens of science newsgroups such as sci.physics, sci.math, sci.chem, Plutonium used the time stamp on his postings to gather the posts into collections which he calls his internet books. He has written approximately 30 of these.

Plutonium Atom Totality

Plutonium Atom Totality is the idea that the universe should be thought of as a gigantic atom of the element plutonium, Pu 231. Plutonium believes that the galaxies in the night sky are the electron cloud of the atom. The cosmic atom, often written ATOM, is a manifestation of God, or the totality of all things, but the physical universe in Plutonium's philosophy only obeys natural laws and has no room for anything supernatural.<ref> </ref>

Infinite Integers

An integer in Plutonium's philosophical view includes objects which have a decimal expansion which never ends, for example, the following number is an integer:

<math> x = 111...333 \,</math>

which starts with an infinite repeating list of 1s, and ends with an infinite repeating list of 3s. The 1's are the frontview of the number, while the 3's are the backview. To multiply these numbers, multiply finite approximations until the repeating pattern front and back becomes clear. For example,

<math> 111...333 * 888...444 = 0987654320987654320...1851851852 \,</math>

and the leading 0 is important to Plutonium. Plutonium believes that Fermat's last theorem is false, because he believes it fails for these infinite integers. He also believes that the set of all real numbers is countable, since both the Reals and Infinite Integers are "All Possible Digit Arrangements". By this statement he usually means that there is a direct one-to-one map from the real numbers to the integers, which consists of taking all the digits behind the decimal point and putting them in front. To allow this, his real numbers have a frontview and a backview too.<ref>, for further information, see , Archimedes Plutonium , article: 10/16/07 11 #104 In fact the definition of Reals as *all possible digit arrangements* bars or precludes Cantor ever applying a diagonal method ; new textbook: "Mathematical-Physics (p-adic primer) for students of age 6 onwards" </ref> <ref> , see also</ref>

Other ideas

Plutonium believes in a "fusion barrier principle", which limits the energy output in a fusion reactor to 2/3 of input. He believes that all forces emerge from a unified Coulomb's law. He also believes that the mainspring of human evolution was throwing rocks and stones, and that this led to bipedalism. He is the author of countless other ideas and speculations, all of which claim to displace scientific consensus, and none of which are accepted by mainstream science.

Archimedes Plutonium, in his Usenet posts, was the first to describe the practice of biasing search-engine results by planting references, and coined the phrase search-engine bombing to describe it. This later became well-known as google bombing<ref> </ref> <ref>Law and Order on Net and Web (September 17, 1997)</ref>.


  • "The whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies."
  • "God is Science, and Science is god."
  • "God is this one big atom that comprises all the Universe, much like what Spinoza discovered some centuries past, called pantheism. Where we are a tiny part of God itself. And where there is a heaven and hell in part of the atom structure. And where we will be judged by God when we die and our photon and neutrino souls will reincarnate once again in a future life somewhere in the Cosmos."
  • "The world's finest Bibles are current physics textbooks or biology or chemistry textbooks"
  • "When you have a foggy notion of what you are working with, it is impossible to prove much about them."