Cartridge tilting

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"Cartridge Tilting" is the process of upsetting a ROM cartridge by physically lifting one side of the cartridge in a computer or video game console which is in use. This is done in order to disconnect one or more connections on the edge connector, interrupting the flow of data from the cartridge. This process can be simulated in some emulators.

The results of doing this can be varied. It can malform game models, slightly or majorly corrupt sound or music, corrupt graphics or text, access a game's debug menu, and/or allow the user to bypass boundaries that would normally exist.

For instance, tilting the cartridge on Super Mario 64, for example, can cause the video game to play corrupted sound effects or music and make Mario sink into the ground and lose his legs.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref> In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time one can tilt the cartridge in order to skip normally unskippable parts of the game, such as being able to get to the Deku Tree before getting the sword or shield, or skipping the entire first dungeon.Template:Citation needed

Despite the fact that tilting the cartridge is meant to produce interesting effects, most of the time cartridge tilting results in crashes, and in rare cases, it can destroy the cartridge ROM. Template:Citation needed