This is a list of my favourite books, in constant progress, in no particular order. (See also book suggestions of stuff I haven't read but my friends say I should)


Best book of all times, period.
Best sci-fi novel ever, period.

Science fiction


Non fiction


If you disagree with this guy, you are probably wrong.



  • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto
  • Duccio Balestracci, Terre ignote strana gente. Storie di viaggiatori medioevali

Radical right

While being pretty much a left-leaning liberal, I have a long standing fascination with the history, mythology and complexity of the ideologies of the radical right. I see it as an exceptional window on the irrational, identitarist and primeval components of human culture, and as a cultural phenomenon which hasn't been studied with the due attention so far.

  • Domenico Di Tullio, Centri sociali di Destra
  • Nicola Rao, La fiamma e la celtica
  • Ugo Maria Tassinari, Fascisterie / Naufraghi